An essential characteristic of an association is the need for its members to abide by a Code of Conduct. SMBiT Professionals Limited (the “Association”) requires its members to subscribe to a set of values and ideals which uphold and advance the honour, dignity and effectiveness of the profession of Information Technology.

The Code of Conduct, set out below, is determined and adjusted by the Board of Directors from time to time.

A member must:

  1. Treat everyone fairly. A member will not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, national origin, or membership of another organisation.
  2. Be honest, forthright and impartial in dealings with their fellow members and their clients.
  3. Act with professional responsibility and integrity in their dealings with the association, clients and employees.
  4. Work competently and diligently for their clients and fellow association members.
  5. Be honest in their representations of skills, knowledge, services and products.
  6. Enhance their own professional development, and that of their colleagues and employees.
  7. Endeavour to preserve the integrity, confidentiality and security of the information of others.
  8. Respect the proprietary nature of the information of others.
  9. Endeavour to provide products and services which match the operational and financial needs of their clients.
  10. Advise their client of any potential conflicts of interest between their assignment and legal or other accepted community requirements.
  11. Accept responsibility for their work.
  12. Advise their clients when they believe a proposed project is not in their client’s best interest.
  13. Not knowingly mislead a client or potential client as to the suitability of a product or service.
  14. Give opinions which are as far as possible unbiased and objective.
  15. Protect and promote the health and safety of those affected by their work.
  16. Consider and respect people’s privacy which might be affected by their work.
  17. Continue to upgrade their knowledge and skills.
  18. Respect, and seek when necessary, the professional opinions of colleagues in their areas of competence.
  19. Not knowingly engage in, or be associated with, dishonest or fraudulent practices.
  20. Not attempt to enhance their own reputation at the expense of another’s reputation.
  21. Take appropriate action if they discover a member, or a person who could potentially be a member, of the association engaging in unethical behaviour.
  22. Respect the integrity of their fellow members and assist them to improve and develop their businesses where possible.
  23. Not knowingly poach any fellow member’s client or employees.
  24. Not criticise any fellow member’s work in the presence of their client. They must however, make any shortcomings in any members work known to that member and assist the member, where possible, to correct any such short comings.
Bronze Silver Gold
Price (excl GST) $2,000 $5,000 $10,000
Max number 20 10 5
Company logo Mono Colour Colour including optional tagline
Company Logo size Small Medium Large
Free online adverts on mailing list / forum 1 per annum 2 per annum 4 per annum
Optional extra online adverts that can be purchased 3 per annum 4 per annum 8 per annum
Free chapter meeting presentations (45 mins) 2 chapters per annum 1 per chapter per annum 2 per chapter per annum
SMBiT Professionals website presence (not included) Up to two pages Up to ten pages
Online communication with members via dedicated email list / forum Yes, unlimited Yes, unlimited Yes, unlimited