Award winning member Geek saves customer estimated $150,000 within 15 minutes

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SMBiT Professional’s member Jon Paior and his team at Australian IT services firm Geek, worked with Gold Partner Datto to customise their product for the Australian market, winning them an international Golden Datto Award as Pioneer of the Year and saving one client over $150,000 in downtime.

Pioneer of the year   The Geek team receiving ‘Pioneer of the Year’ award at DattoCon 2016 (l-r) Jon Paior, Rob Rae, Austin McChord, Giovanni Tirimacco and James Bergl


Cryptolocking, an increasingly common scam in Australia that nets hundreds of millions of dollars for criminal and potentially terrorist organisations globally, covertly installs a ‘ransomware’ program on a computer or network to restrict user access and then demands a ransom to lift that restriction. Once infected, there is no way to decrypt the data without paying the ransom or restoring from backup. In March this year, the Locky ransomware program reportedly hit tens of thousands of Australian computers.

The Datto disaster recovery appliance creates and stores backup snapshots of a computer hard drive or network as frequently as every five minutes. It defeats CryptoLocker and other ransomware scams by providing instant, seamless access to the stored backup, enabling the Datto customer to continue working as usual with minimal disruption.

Jon Paior said Geek had worked with Datto to customise their product for the Australian market. “As well as a local presence, the right pricing and local data centres, we requested new features in the product that directly responded to the needs of the Australian customers,” he said.

“These include customisable off-site replication, which means we can back up data to wherever we want, and file-based backups, which addresses the fact that customers have to pay for bandwidth in Australia.

Mr Paior said CryptoLocker-type scams were disturbingly common in Australia. “One client, a mid-tier Adelaide accounting firm, bought Datto on our advice, hoping to never need it,” he said.

“However, their worst nightmare was realised when a staff member opened an AGL-branded scam email that generated a screen demanding thousands of dollars. All their files were encrypted, and totally inaccessible, including the main database. They were dead in the water.

“Using the Datto appliance, Geek had them back up and running within 15 minutes. Being an accounting firm, they later calculated that their old backup product would have taken at least six hours to fully restore those terabytes of data. With 120 employees, each hour of downtime would have cost them about $25,000, so the instant restore meant the return on their investment in the Datto business continuity solution was immense.”

Geek has sold the Datto backup and disaster recovery appliance since its Australian launch last year. Since then, Geek has not only equipped dozens of Australian companies to protect themselves against data loss and cryptolocking scams, but has also helped potential members to win business with the Datto solution.

This work culminated in launching a pioneering product to beat ‘crypto criminals’ in Australia and earned the Adelaide-based company a Golden Datto Award as Pioneer of the Year. Geek Managing Director Giovanni Tirimacco said the award represented much more than his company’s success. “It’s a win for Australian companies that didn’t suffer the disaster of cryptolocking,” he said.

“We’re happy to share our knowledge with our competitors and fellow SMBiT Professionals because it avoids a lot of pain for customers, so we want as many businesses as possible to hear about it, advocate it and use it.”

Datto Inc. ANZ Sales Director James Bergl said Geek was an outstanding IT citizen. “The Golden Datto awards honour partners such as Geek who have truly gone above and beyond the call of duty,” he said.

Geek Pty Ltd is a professional IT services specialist that employs 17 people to support business networks and systems for clients throughout Australia. Mr Tirimacco and company founder and chairman Jon Paior travelled to Nashville, Tennessee to receive the Golden Datto at DattoCon16, Datto’s annual partner summit.

As a Gold Partner of SMBiT Professionals, Datto is an innovative provider of comprehensive backup, recovery and business continuity solutions used by thousands of managed service providers worldwide. Providing members with end-to-end recoverability and single-vendor accountability.

Prepare your customers businesses today with the Datto Business guide to Ransomware available to members within the member benefits page of the membership portal. For more information about Gold Partner Datto visit


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