Continuing with the conference series – Stephen Parker talks further about Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

Stephen Parker, Digital Transformation Strategist talks further about DT with your clients

Are you ready to embark your clients down the digital transformation journey? This hot topic remains relevant within industries who are slow to embrace the digital era.

Technology presents businesses with opportunities to grow, innovate and develop new systems and processes imperative for future success and meeting goals. This also creates new experiences for customers, employees and suppliers. Among all the attention that surrounds this topic, it also comes with challenges and skepticism from a client’s perspective. Click on the link below to get your copy of an eBook extract which presents real-life scenarios of industries which have experienced disruptive technology.

The term disruptive technology refers to the adoption of new technology that forces or threatens existing businesses in the market to change their business approach. Businesses are continually seeking to be innovative by using new technology that will set themselves apart from their competitors. Any industry can experience disruption.

The eBook extract also identifies two challenges associated with digital transformation directly relating to ‘status quo’ and ‘digital literacy’. Understanding the need to overcome these issues will assist in the transformation process.

If your clients are on the path to digital transformation and you don’t know where to start, the eBook extract provides an important check-list that you can review with your clients prior to the transformation process. Designed for the Director level this will help you ask smart and informed questions and will provide insights and clarity for the actions required to deliver digital transformation within their business. Reviewing these ‘smart questions’ featured in the eBook extract will help to minimise the perceived risks associated with digital transformation and assist your clients in taking on the challenge.

Digital Transformation eBook extract


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