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Increasingly ransomware has emerged as a major threat to individuals and businesses alike. Businesses of all types and sizes have been impacted and small to medium businesses can be particularly vulnerable to attacks. With the amount of ransomware cases seeming to increase every day, we have teamed up with Gold Partner Datto to help your customers protect against it with Datto’s business guide to ransomware.

‘How to protect against ransomware’ – Extracted Articles by Datto’s Chris Brunau

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Ransomware, a type of malware that encrypts data on infected systems, has become a lucrative option for cyber extortionists. When the malware is run, it locks victim’s files and allows criminals to demand payment to release them.

Cyber criminals armed with ransomware are a formidable adversary. While small-to-medium sized businesses aren’t specifically targeted in ransomware campaigns, they may be more likely to suffer an attack. Frequently, small-to medium businesses are stretched thin and, in some cases, rely on outdated technology due to budgetary constraints. This is the perfect storm for ransomware vulnerability.

Thankfully, there are tried and true ways to protect your customer’s business against ransomware attacks by taking the proper precautions. In the event of an attack, the best way to avoid paying a ransom is to have a proper business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions featuring up-to-date backups. This will allow you to restore your customer’s data to a point in time before the infection, and retain their precious data.

Security software is essential, however, you can’t rely on it alone. A proper ransomware protection strategy requires a three-pronged approach, comprising of education, security and backup. In this e-book you’ll learn how the malware is spread, the different types of ransomware proliferating today, and what you can do to avoid or recover from an attack. Hiding your head in the sand won’t work, because today’s ransom seekers play dirty. Make sure your customers are prepared.

SMBiT Professionals members can download the Datto Business guide to Ransomware within the member benefits page of the membership portal. For more information about Gold Partner Datto visit

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