The changing face of Intel, our new gold partner

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New gold partner, Intel’s Glen Boatwright, presented an insightful and informative presentation at April’s Melbourne chapter meeting on the changing face of Intel and the future influences on the SMB market. We caught up with him to discuss the future of the IT market and its impact on SMB IT market.

Intel has been at the forefront of technological innovation with co-founder Gordon Moore’s ground breaking observation in 1965 shaping the digital future. Over 50 years on, is Moore’s Law as relevant today at driving technology and Intel’s future?

In 1965, Gordon Moore made a prediction that would set the pace for our modern digital revolution. From careful observation of an emerging trend, Moore extrapolated that computing would dramatically increase in power, and decrease in relative cost, at an exponential pace.

The insight, known as Moore’s Law, became the golden rule for the electronics industry, and a springboard for innovation. As a co-founder, Gordon paved the path for Intel to make the ever faster, smaller, more affordable transistors that drive our modern tools and toys. Even 50 years later, the lasting impact and benefits are felt in many ways. (Intel website

Today Moore’s Law is alive and well at Intel driving innovation and the company forward but whilst technology continues to deliver smaller, faster more efficient devices / outcomes for the future is much more diverse. “Core computing is still a big part of the game but the introduction of IOT (Internet of Things) and all its vertical market opportunities opens up a world of new ideas and new ways to connect everything to the internet” explains Glen Boatwright, Intel Australia Business Development Manager.

With this diversity, the number of small connected devices and the need for server infrastructure to manage all the data is constantly growing (booming). From Intel’s perspective, the need for smaller and faster devices from the IOT end will continue to drive market change through personal computing and then into the cloud making all of this possible.

CEO David Vidos agrees, “IT will continue to transform the world. We are currently in the middle of a significant change connecting the world’s people, the environment in which we live, the information & products we use and the systems that drive all of these. The IOT is one of the many opportunities for SMBiT Professionals Business owners and professionals as they access the variety of devices available to transfer data and to connect through the internet. Partnering with Intel as a new gold partner will assist our members to navigate the ongoing changes in the industry along with access to the latest innovations to help drive their business forward.”

So, what is the impact for SMB market and SMBiT Professionals?

With all the changes happening in the industry right now it is important for the SMB market & SMBiT Professionals to be very open to and aware of firstly the changes and secondly the impact they have on their business.

“It will be critical to stay up to date and keep up with the tech trends, as it is easy to be left behind”, says Glen. From the core computing perspective, there are a lot of simple things to do for a SMB company to increase productivity just by understanding the latest IT products on the market and have a belief that updating and keeping on top of their IT requirements will help their business grow”.

For opportunities moving forward, a successful SMB will need to understand how quickly the IOT/Cloud changes are happening and where their business fits into the picture.

In order to adapt to the changes, SMBiT Professionals business owners and professionals will need to pick and choose their battle ground in order to change the way their business responds to the changing marketplace. “It is no good looking at all the opportunities opening up around IOT for example…just look at one or two to start with, and see if they can specialise and grow in an area that they can make profitable. I also think they need to differentiate themselves from a tech stand point. For example, it is no good just selling a NUC, they need to start looking at how and where they can be used and what configurations with software/hardware and even aesthetics they can bring to the table to make them stand out from the crowd” offers Glen.

What new products support the changes you foresee in the SMB IT Market?

When we asked Glen what new products could SMBiT Professionals members use to capitalise on the changes in the SMB IT market, he simply responded “All of them. I know that is a broad statement but there are so many changes going on right now from the smallest Curie based product like smart watches and other small sensor devices feeding data into the cloud, to the fastest most power efficient servers” said Glen.  For Glen’s division, it is NUC and Compute stick. Small, power efficient alternatives to the old desktop tower which are vastly undersold into the SMB market at this stage with many SMB unaware of the new products available on the market.

SMBiT Professionals are excited to welcome Intel as our new gold partner and foresee their innovative and leading approach along with fantastic product support will assist our members grow their business.

For more information about SMBiT Professionals membership or for a copy of Glen Boatwright’s presentation (members only) please contact Vivien Dehamer

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