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What is Movebot and how does it help MSP’s  

Movebot is a fully hosted, easy-to-use data migration tool that can move terabytes of files per day along with emails, contacts, and calendars. With over 30 platforms supported including Google, Dropbox, SharePoint, and more, Movebot has you covered no matter where you’re moving data from or to. 

Designed for MSPs, Movebot makes migrations simple and pain-free while ticking all the boxes and leaving no data behind. MSPs who join the no-commitment Partner Program also get access to special team management features and exclusive MSP pricing. 

Whether it’s files or emails, on-prem or the cloud, Movebot can move it all.  

Migrate data from anywhere to anywhere 

  • On-Prem to Cloud  
  • Cloud to Cloud 
  • Tenant to Tenant  


Support for email, contacts, and calendars 

  • O365 Outlook 
  • Google Workspace Email 
  • IMAP 
  • Exchange EWS 

Data management with Tasks  

  • Snapshots - Create a carbon copy of specified files and folders in your chosen destination in a timestamped folder.  
  • Manual Cleanup - Find and delete files in bulk that match your set criteria with enforced approval to avoid accidental deletions.   

Movebot is all about making moving data easy, supporting permissions migrations and other metadata natively. Automatic filename sanitization, de-duplication, and file conversion make sure your data not only arrives, but is ready to use in the new platform.  

With no virtual machines or infrastructure to manage, Movebot is incredibly simple with security baked in. Choose from among 10 global regions for data processing, all with end-to-end encryption with no data stored at any point.  

Data migrations aren’t complex any longer. Movebot makes them simple, secure, and incredibly fast. Try Movebot for yourself with 250GB free with no credit card required.  

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