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A Total Focus on IT for Small and Medium Business 

There are other associations for IT professionals. We’re the only one just for those who specialise in small and medium business customers. 

Providing technology services to SMBs has its unique challenges. Our members understand your business because they are SMBs too. 

Why Have an Industry Association Exclusively for IT Pros Who Specialise in Small and Medium Business Customers? 

On face value, providing IT services to small and medium businesses might sound like an easy ride. People believe that IT at the enterprise and startup level tends to be more complicated, specialised and bleeding edge, right? 

Well, it’s one thing to deal with a systems administrator or CTO. It’s another thing entirely to serve clients whose expertise is in retail, dentistry, construction, law or anywhere but computers. 

It’s not just that they need help. They’re often not sure what it is they need help with. 

Making this work is a matter of good communication, well-designed structures and hard graft. It’s a unique challenge. 

That’s why we’re here. No other industry association in Australia focuses just on this work. 

We’re a Membership Organisation 

SMBiT Professionals is a not-for-profit Association. Our members are at the heart of everything we do. The Association is headed up by a board of directors, who are all members. 

Our chapter meetings and our national conference are largely led by members too. 

In between these real-world get togethers, discussions continue online in our members-only community hub. 

And thanks to our strength in numbers, we’re able to secure special offers and pricing for our members too. 

We’re Here for Vendors Too 

SMBiT Professionals also has space for businesses who support and supply our members. 

Our Sponsors are so much more than a revenue stream.  They contribute valuable business and technical know-how, enriching our conversations and ensuring our members have access to the latest industry information. 

Ultimately, it’s All About Customers

The entire reason our industry exists is to make IT work for businesses. 

Nobody wants to get stung by cowboys and fly-by-nighters. We protect them with the SMBiT Professionals code of conduct.

This is a set of standards of professionalism, diligence and integrity that all our members agree to; they’re accountable to them too. This is security and peace of mind so you can focus on the rest of your business. 

We help our members better serve their customers. 

We cover the latest trends in business and technology. We pivot from experts in IT work, to trusted advisors who use IT to solve business problems. 



"Our business has grown thanks to SMBiT Professionals and has connected us to new business opportunities, created additional revenue and we have completed successful mergers and acquisitions with three other SMBiT Professionals Members."


"As a small Managed Services Provider in rural Western Australia, SMBiT Professionals membership has been a great help to my business. I would definitely recommend joining whether you are just starting out or have been in business for 20+ years."

Nathanael Wallis WALLIS COMPUTER