About Us

We’re the only peak body for IT service providers who specialise in small and medium business. We represent over 350 business owners and professionals. 

Our members range from sole operators to 100+ employee operations, from the brand new to those with decades in business. 

Over a decade ago… 

Before there was SMBiT Professionals, there was the SBS User’s Groups, based in a number of States around Australia. 

As this group grew more active, it became clear there was a need for something more structured. In 2011, SMBiT Professionals was founded as a not-for-profit Association, run by and for members. 

The once casual get-togethers are now monthly chapter meetings, with workshops, professional development sessions and vendor presentations. There’s still plenty of time to mingle and chat. 

The highlight event of our year is our national conference, held in rotating locations annually. 

In between these events, the SMBiT Professionals Community Hub is where we network online. 

This is where to find the knowledge and the contacts to level up and grow. 

Ethics, Professionalism, Integrity 

Just about anyone can register an ABN and call themselves IT support. Being a member of SMBiT Professionals takes a bit more. 

At the heart of this is our Code of Conduct. This sets a wide set of standards of diligence, honesty, transparency and fair dealing. 

All our members agree to this. If we find them in breach, they have to leave. 

This sets our members apart. 

Technology for Business’s Sake

We of course understand emerging trends in small business technology. We also realise IT professionals tend to be strong here already. 

Success isn’t just about being good with computers. It requires real business skills: HR, communication, management and sales. 

It’s also about increasing the value you give customers by understanding their business reasons for coming to you – to communicate and deliver your services in the way that best solves that problem. 

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