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Our 400+ Members Manage Budgets Beyond $150,000,000.00

They are the movers, shakers, trusted advisers and decision makers managing small and medium business IT across Australia. 

Sponsoring with SMBiT Professionals is a unique chance to engage this audience, in a giving way that builds relationships and trust. 

We see our Sponsors as key contributors of knowledge and a crucial part of our conversations. 

Hang Out With Our Members Any Time 

In between events, pop in to our buzzing members-only Community Hub. 

Feel free to answer questions about your product and service offering. Feel welcome also to contribute your hard-won business and technology insights to broader discussions, in a way that strengthens important relationships and grows trust. 

Or just sit back and follow along with the key conversations in our industry. See, in real time, what our members are thinking about, dealing with and engaged by. 

Be the Main Event 

Our Sponsors regularly host workshops for their products and services at our monthly chapter events in cities across Australia. 

These aren’t “pitch fest” events that cram you wall-to-wall with competing vendors. These are professional development sessions with an attentive audience, motivated to grow their knowledge and their business. 

Great branding and visibility? Sure. But this quality of engagement offers so much more. 

It’s immediate feedback, and deeper insight into what these professionals are dealing with. How much might you pay a market research firm to discover half as much in twice the time? 

It doesn’t even need to be your turn to present. As our Sponsor, you’re invited to all of our events, to take part and mingle as it suits you.

Places Are Limited 

To avoid crowding out our member-led discussions, we have strict limits on how many Sponsors we’ll take at each level. 

To find out more about becoming a Sponsor, please get in touch.