Other Perks

Other benefits of membership include:

  • Access business documentation galore
  • Member-only pricing and discounts from vendors
  • Voting rights at the AGM

What Does it Take to Join?

You need to be focused on the SMB Technology market and at least 50% of your revenue must be derived from businesses with less than 1,000 employees. Our membership committee will contact you to verify this.

You also have to agree to our rules, guidelines, Code of Conduct, and to pay all Membership fees on time. 

If you think you have what it takes, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today.

Because It Pays to Specialise

The big trend in our industry is that jack-of-all trades IT guys are making way for masters of their domain. 

This means that building an effective network is becoming an ever better idea. It’s a short cut to expanding your capabilities and your business.

Where Tech Skills Meet Commerce Savvy

Of course we discuss the latest technology trends, but the fact is that IT professionals tend to be quite strong with this stuff already. 

It’s more often business bits holding them back: management, HR, marketing and so on. We’re here for this as well.

We’re also here to improve how you communicate and deliver your expertise. When you can position yourself as someone who isn’t just good at computers, but understands the business problems they solve, you and your customers both win.

Build Reputation and Trust

Every member of SMBiT Professionals agrees to our code of conduct, and must honour it remain a member. This sets you apart from the shonks and the sharks. 

You can communicate this in an instant with the SMBiT Professionals Registered Member logo on your marketing materials. 

As you get more involved in SMBiT Professionals, you’ll have opportunities not just to share in the knowledge, but to offer it too. Show what you’re made of to industry insiders who make deals and get things done.