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Connecting the IT Channel — Resellers/VARs, MSPs, SIs, ISVs, Consultants, Retailers/eRetailers, Bureaus, Solution Providers — with modern technology from leading-edge Vendors.

True value-add at every step of the distribution lifecycle.

ACA Pacific is a pioneer in the value-added supply of specialist information technology hardware and software solutions. Since our inception in 1988, we have linked Solution Providers with Vendors throughout the Asia Pacific region, identifying markets and technologies that shape the ICT industry. We proactively engage in market development via an activated Reseller Partner network, strong Vendor alliances and our best-of-breed solutions ecosystem.

We aim to make the complex simple — enabling Partners to meet the challenges of today's business environment. Our dedicated and experienced team provide Partners with the tailored support services they need to develop business opportunities and serve their clients better, driving optimal outcomes and empowering revenue growth. We specialise in;

Next Generation Data Storage & Management

Cloud / Hybrid / Disk / Flash / Tape / Data Centre — Complete Data Management & Storage Infrastructure. A leader in this field, our experience enables you to deliver proven solutions for your clients - from Desktop to SMB to Enterprise..

Data & System Protection + Cyber Security

Ensure enterprise-grade Data Protection, Monitoring, High Availability and Security for your clients data and systems. Our comprehensive range of solutions keep organisations — from SMBs to Enterprises — up and running 24x7x365.

Document Scanners, Capture and Information Management

Your fast track to Digital Transformation — Digitise just about any size and type of document using dedicated scanners, capture software and content intelligence technologies, making it easy to store, share and manage business-ready information.

Business Improvement Solutions

Business and process improvement solutions to help with organisation-critical tasks. Data Analytics, Observability & Log Management, Specialised Encryption, Disc Publishing, Digital Transformation and I/O Acceleration.

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